Broken Blood Vessels

The most common causes of broken blood vessels (telangiectasia) are genetic tendency, sun damage , birthmarks and rosacea.

Sometimes we see inappropriately severe telangiectasia in a young person who invariably has a family history of ‘red/purple’ skin on the face sometimes referred to as ‘high colouring’.

Telangiectasia are also commonly caused by conditions which result in repeated dilation and constriction of the blood vessels e.g. rosacea or certain medications e.g. cyclosporin A and blood pressure pills.

Excellent results can now be obtained with a variety of different lasers with no downtime.

Men are increasingly joining women and turning to laser therapy to remove their veins, especially as they can’t use make-up as camouflage. This is an extremely successful treatment and earlier intervention leads to a better outcome and fewer overall treatments.