Red Face

At The Centre for Restorative Dermatology we find treating patients suffering from uncontrollable red faces to be most rewarding and fulfilling. The enormous relief our patients experience with the results is very satisfying for everyone involved

As the acknowledged medical experts in this area, we treat all medical and aesthetic problems, removing the cause where possible and correcting the damage the inflammation has left behind.

Celtic skin tends to have a lot of redness in it and can ‘pink up’ with the slightest insult.There are a numerous dermatological disorders which can result in a red face, the most common of which are rosacea, demodex folliculitis, essential familial telangiectasia, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, seborrhoeic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, acne vulgaris, erythromelanosis faceii and others.

These can lead to a ‘sensitive skin’ which reacts to everything.To complicate matters further a number of these conditions can co-exist and it is a matter of identifying and treating them individually. We like to tease them out and treat each one to reduce redness, broken blood vessels, flushing and alleviate suffering as quickly as possible, usually with the help of lasers.

In addition to making a diagnosis and prescribing a course of treatment, an individual skin care regimen is designed for each patient. Allergy tests in the form of ‘patch testing’ may sometimes be necessary to guide the patient and physician (