Aesthetic Dermatology Treatments

“Nothing must be noticed”

Bunny Mellon

It’s all a matter of taste, but personally speaking I’d far prefer to err on the side of 5% under rather than 5% over-treated. There’s nothing attractive about a distorted face no matter how wrinkle-free!

It’s better to have friends wondering if you’d ever ‘consider having something done’ than commenting behind your back – aesthetic enhancements should never be noticeable. When carefully selected and conservatively administered, these dermatological treatments can keep us looking fresh, healthy and ageing gracefully.

As a Consultant Dermatologist, first and foremost, I believe that the most important cosmetic feature is a clear, fresh, healthy complexion. Evenly coloured, creamy, well hydrated, radiant skin is far more attractive than blotchy, pigmented, red, dry or oily skin. Common medical conditions such as rosacea, pigmentation and acne should be treated and any residual effects, such as broken blood vessels, brown marks or scars, improved thereafter.

Our Aesthetic philosophy is very much to restore skin, hold on to what we’ve got and subtly replace what we’ve lost, rather than create something that was never there in the first place, eg big lips!

It is also important to remember that not everybody needs, or indeed will even benefit from, every available treatment. We will usually want to focus on the characteristic that is bothering the patient in particular, whether it be the frown line in some or crow’s feet in others. Many of our patients chose to simply improve their complexion and avoid invasive procedures altogether.

A variety of cutting edge treatments are available at my clinic and all are administered safety by my highly trained staff or myself. A skin care regimen is also tailored for each individual patient according to their needs..